Train2ski — Ski Specific Core Workouts

30 for $30

30 individual core workouts, 30 days— all for $30

TRAIN2SKI is the world's first ski-specific workout program. Approach this winter season prepared. Feel your best and perform even better.


30 Core Workout Challenge

  • Get in shape for winter. 30 individual core workouts week program with 5 workouts per week
  • Professionally programmed workouts and detailed training strategies
  • Movement video library / Scaling substitutions / Foundational Movement
  • Instructional PDF and "How-to" Guide
  • Get your body ready for ski-season, so you can send it all day long


It's a 30 day intensive workout program, designed to prepare the core of your body for the upcoming ski season. Our expert coaches use this same program to prepare pro athletes for winter competition— freestyle, freeride, and back country. The program is delivered in a digital E-book, but also includes instructional video and email support from our coaches. Make the most of your season. Train like a pro.
You can start whenever! And you can take as many days to complete the program as your want. Completely on your schedule, but for most athletes it will take 4-6 weeks to complete. Make sure to take rest days!
Skiing requires strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. If you are looking for progression, improvement, and to avoid injury, then training for skiing is the only way to go. Use our program to push your own limitations. Get the power to hit bigger and steeper, and get endurance to go all day. Our program is also designed to help you avoid injury. When you get injured, you do rehab, right? Think of this as pre-emptive rehab that will help you prevent injury. Strengthen all the supporting muscles around the areas under most stress when skiing. An injury free winter starts with pre-season prep.
You could do the entire workout without weights, but have a couple kettle bells or dumbbells is helpful.
That's okay. Everyone starts somewhere. Our workouts are designed to scale down for any fitness level and ability. PLUS, we have video instruction for all movements, and our coaches are available anytime to offer support and encouragement.