About MMFC

Strength for Life

improve balance, agility, muscle strength, AND reduce the risk of INJURY— All while having fun.

Why Mountain Made?


Take a wholistic approach to your overall health. Imrpoving strength, mobility, endurance, and nutrition to feel your best and support your ideal lifestyle

GREATER Health &

Whether you're looking to improve strength & mobility at home or at the ski hill, Mountain Made's programs emphasize developing strong movement patterns that translate into your sport performance

Improve strength, 
reduce injury 

Our coaches train your BODY to work together, stronger, and prepares you for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home or at work

Our Philosophy — Backed by Science


Exercises are different every day, so muscle strength never fatigues


Using exercises that simulate the movements we make everyday. Strength should be practical


The daily workouts keep your heart rate high, and balance conditioning with strength for ultimate human efficiency

Wholistic Foundation
For overall health

Functional means whole body function. We look at all aspects of health & lifestyle so you can live your best life


The Science of scale:
Why anyone can do Fitness

Every workout can be adjusted so every single person can do a version of that workout. This is true whether the person is under 5 or over 100. It’s true whether the person is fit or overweight, or if the person is perfectly healthy or dealing with injuries.


Our coaches tailor training for individuals by modifying workouts. Trainers might change the movements in the workout, or they might change its length. They might ask an athlete to lift more or less weight. They might ask an athlete to move faster or slower. This process is often referred to as “scaling.” You are the expert over your own life. Understand your limits and scale the workout according to how you feel that day. We all have tired days, and we all can kill it. Our coaches offer you the options to scale up or down, so you can decide the best workout for you. 


By adjusting workouts, trainers allow veteran athletes and first-timers to train side by side—and both groups become healthier. The best part: The experienced athlete and the new person will bump fists at the end of the workout, each knowing the other just overcame a challenge.